Simple reminders for our loves in lockdown

Our hearts go out to everyone being impacted by the global pandemic, especially those in lockdown or who are separated from loved ones. 

We know it's not a magical fix, but we want to share small tips for those who feel they may need a little bit of extra positivity during these uncertain times. 

K E E P   Y O U R    M I N D   A C T I V E 

Being stuck inside can be dull and draining, try and get your mind active by reading a new book, learning a new skill, or getting creative. If you can't change your scenery, get lost in the pages of a book, or create a new colourful world with paint brushes or pencils. 

P O W E R   D O W N

It's easy to get lost in front of a screen, whether you're taking zoom calls for work or binging Netflix. Without noticing, you're breathing can become more shallow, and the constant blue light exposure can disrupt your circadian rhythms....leading to disruptive sleep.
Stop and take frequent, short breaks. Get out of the house twice a day without your phone, to stretch your legs and breathe deeply. Set a reminder, because it's all too easy to lose a day, and for them all to start melting together. 

S E L F   C A R E 

Taking time out of your day for yourself is one of the most important things you can do during these times. Run a bath, put your favourite face mask on and pour yourself a wine- you deserve it! 

Want to treat yourself, or a loved one? Have a Clean Swap Box (aka: an abundance of self care!) delivered to your/their doorstep 💁‍♀️

F E E L   A L L   T H E   F E E L S 

Lockdowns are hard and it’s okay not to feel great 24/7, be kind to yourself and let yourself feel those emotions. Writing in a journal will help get those negative thoughts out of your head to make more space for positive thoughts. 

Below are four affirmations you can repeat to yourself when feeling low. 

✨ This isn’t forever and I believe in my ability to get through these tough times.
✨ My life is full of love, I am grateful for being here. Experiencing the of beauty and joy of life.
✨ Though these times are difficult, they’re only a short phase of my life. 
✨ I let go of the past and step into the present. Here I have power. It is from the present that I decide my future.